January 2020 Update & News


We've been busy making more of our Silver, Gold Vermeil and solid Gold Cremation Jewelry designs and they're ready now. Thank you everyone who has patiently waited over the past weeks while we were making them. The site will be updated soon and you'll be able to put your order through. Everyone who has put their name down for a specific design will receive an email to advise when they can go ahead with an order.

Towards the end of last year we designed some new cremation pendants and we can't wait to share them with you. They're so new we don't have photos yet but will share as soon as we can!


Also this month we held our annual meeting to reflect on 2019 and go over our plans for KJ Australia into 2020. We thank everyone who has supported our business over the last year and for all of the beautiful emails, cards and messages we received. We appreciate every single one and thank you so much, that in a time when grief is raw, so many of you take the time to write a note. You come our way in the saddest of times and the fact that so many write when they’re in these circumstances always impacts us greatly.

In 2019 we sent jewellery to every corner of the globe and many thousands of pieces were delivered across Australia. Some of the tragic events which we all saw in the media became even closer to home as we connected with some of these families who lost someone very dear to them. The personal toll of grief is a heavy burden to bear and each person who shared with us kept us mindful of why we make our jewellery and the role it has in providing some comfort in a time of great loss.

Thank you for helping Keepsake Jewellery to grow and reach more and more families across Australia and around the world each year. Your loyalty, especially over the past year, means so much and we wish you peace in your hearts in 2020.

Everyone at Keepsake Jewellery Australia

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