Update 26 March 2020 - A Personal Message from Amanda, Owner/Manager of KJA

Right now there is a lot of uncertainty I think it’s timely to personally share more about Keepsake Jewellery Australia with you. How an online business is run is often hard to see so I hope I can take you behind the scenes a little and show you more about me, my business and what it supports.

I also want to do my best to make you feel confident in Keepsake Jewellery Australia going forward, if you find you need us, as we all go through what is shaping to be one of the most significant times in our lives.

Something that hasn’t been made public before is how anyone who has trusted KJA with a jewellery purchase has done so much more than they know. Each one has unknowingly allowed me to fulfill a crucial personal role I never foresaw.

So, you’re probably asking, how you’ve done more than you’re aware of? Answering that involves a little bit of explaining so please read on and I’ll do my best to keep it short.

My business originated out of a desire in 2008 to introduce cremation jewellery to Australia as it was not available here then. However, within a couple of years it took on an even greater purpose.  Due to unforeseen and exceptional circumstances, and without any financial support whatsoever, I became a fulltime carer of my four-year-old nephew who lives with disability.  My business was then and still is, the only way I could possibly do it.  

So please meet Oliver (aka ‘Bug’) …


I love him beyond words. He’s 11 now and often helps out at KJA, which he loves more than almost anything, and he takes an interest in all of the memorial jewellery we make. Every day I juggle KJA and looking after Oliver as best I can and we usually get there week by week. If we fall short, we often see the funny side, which is what’s remarkable about him. He is bright, SUPER funny and has the most awesome perspectives on life and all it throws up.

Right now, because Oliver lives with disabilities (Cerebral Palsy, Autism and ADHD) and has Asthma it is imperative that he is as protected as possible. He is in the high-risk category for Covid-19 so we need to take ‘social distancing’ to the highest level with no going out and nobody coming in! Fortunately, because I am working from home and Oliver does distance education, we can continue to go about our days pretty much as before, albeit a lot quieter! So, please be assured that it’s business as usual around here and your orders are being processed as usual. We’ll keep communicating with you and our business network via phone, email, video link etc by the wonder that is technology and we’re here for your questions and queries.

I am so sincerely grateful that KJA has continued over the years and has managed to come through many challenges both commercially and personally.  We go forward with hope that KJA survives this next challenge too.

We cannot thank our customers enough - every person who has chosen KJA for their jewellery has supported us without even knowing the difference they’ve made to a precious life. Your support has kept us until now and your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Amanda & Oliver

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