Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry

Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for Ashes
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Stainless Steel Cremation Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets and Rings for holding ashes, hair or burial soil inside. 

We offer a large range of Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry designs in both Silver and Gold finishes, including Rose Gold. Stainless Steel is a very affordable and durable metal which ensures your Cremation Jewelry will be long wearing.  Stainless Steel will not tarnish or oxidise and is hypoallergenic, allowing it to be worn by a those who are sensitive to other metals.

NB: These Stainless Steel memorial jewellery designs are genuine and 100% guaranteed. Please be aware of inferior imitations of these designs.

GENUINE & FULLY GUARANTEED with FREE delivery in Australia.

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