Wholesale Memorial and Cremation Jewellery


Keepsake Jewellery Australia is proud to offer wholesale supply of our Memorial and Cremation Jewellery for holding ashes or hair to jewellers and funeral directors.

This range is EXCLUSIVE to KJ Australia.  Our designs are protected and each piece carries the KJ insignia together with the precious metal hallmark (925 etc).  Please look for this mark on each design to ensure you are receiving genuine KJ memorial jewellery. 

Since 2008 we have been offering memorial jewellery to business and families in Australia and around the world and we continue this tradition with a strong focus on quality and affordability.  Because we are the makers of our own jewellery we can ensure the highest standards while keeping overheads to a minimum 

If you are a jeweller or funeral director who would like to offer our collection to your families, please contact us and we'll help you set up a wholesale account quickly and easily.  No minimum order number is required.  

Please note that to ensure the integrity of our jewellery we are unable to supply our jewellery collection to 'online only' resellers.  Our jewellery is available to funeral directors and jewellers, who have physical premises, only.  These businesses are welcome to resell our jewellery on their websites, however we cannot supply businesses which operate solely online.  Thank you for your understanding.





Contact us today to begin offering this outstanding Australian collection to your families and customers.