Ashlocks Cremation Jewellery by Keepsake Jewellery Australia. Jewellery designed to hold cremation ashes inside.

Cremation Jewellery

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Ashlocks® Cremation Jewellery
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Ashlocks Cremation Jewellery designs have been made especially to hold ashes. This type of keepsake memorial jewellery opens via a screw top or small recessed screw to place ashes inside a secure internal chamber. Many can also hold a lock of hair or other memorial keepsake such as sand from a special place.

They are very discreet and designed as beautifully contemporary jewellery urn pieces - embraced as much for their elegance and style as for their ash holding function. Trust placing your precious ashes into jewellery to Australia's leading cremation jeweller.

Silver, Gold and Rose Gold Ashlocks® Cremation Jewellery by KJA ~ for Life’s Precious Memories. 100% Guaranteed.