Cremation Jewellery Care

YOUR CREMATION JEWELLERY REQUIRES SPECIAL CARE.  Please read the important information sent with your jewellery prior to use.

Your jewellery not only holds precious memories, it is also made from precious metals which require care to keep them looking their best. All precious metals should be treated as you would a watch and should be removed prior to showering or swimming.

Perfumes, cosmetics, some medications, skin types, air-borne particles and even simply storing your jewellery can affect precious metal surfaces (especially genuine Sterling Silver). The information below will help ensure the proper care of your jewellery piece. 


Sterling Silver Jewellery

All genuine Sterling Silver will tarnish over time so we recommend that you conduct regular maintenance of the surface by polishing it with a soft silver/jewellery polishing cloth.

Genuine Sterling Silver tarnishes for various reasons. Tarnish is not a sign of inferior quality – rather it is a character of genuine 925 Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver directly responds to the environment in which it's worn or stored.  Skin types alone can cause tarnish, as can environmental factors (eg airborne particles).  If your Silver cremation jewellery has tarnished you can dip it into a quality jewellery cleaning solution or use a Silver polishing cloth or cream.  Any of these methods will remove tarnishing quickly and easily. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions and be sure the closure is protected if using a  solution.

Solid Gold Jewellery

Solid Gold cremation jewellery will not tarnish and any fingerprints or marks which may appear can be removed with a jewellery cleaning cloth or a very mild detergent mix, rinsed in clean water and dried with a plain soft cloth.

Gold Vermeil Jewellery

Gold Vermeil is a durable layer of 14ct Gold over Sterling Silver however these designs should be never exposed to any liquids or chemicals or any excess or firm polishing. They can be wiped with a very soft cloth (slightly dampened with water if necessary). Gold Vermeil should be treated with extra care.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel cremation jewellery can be maintained by gently wiping it with a mild detergent mix on a cloth and drying with a clean, soft dry cloth.


All of our memorial jewellery is highly water resistant when tightly closed, however you should never fully immerse your pendant in water for any period of time.  All KJ designs have secure and tightly closing compartments which are further water resistant from our neoprene 'o' rings on every closure.  We recommend that it is best to care for your Memorial Jewellery the way you would a watch and remove it prior to showering and swimming to ensure the jewellery is not compromised in any way.

While our pendants and charms remain tightly closed they are subject to everyday wear so please regularly check the tightness of the closure.  We suggest this is done every 2-3 months.

Often memorial jewellery can be soldered shut after filling and a local experienced jeweller may be able to provide this service for you.  Alternatively, you can use an epoxy to secure the pendant closure for greater waterproofing.  Please refer to the instructions supplied with your jewellery for detailed information.


Thank you.