About KJA Cremation & Memorial Jewellery

Keepsake Jewellery Australia designs and crafts Ashlocks®  ~ a truly unique Australian range of genuine Sterling Silver and Gold Cremation & Memorial Jewellery for holding precious memorials inside.

Ashlocks Memorial Jewellery Design Sketch and Finished Pendant

Every fine quality "Jewellery Urn" in Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil and solid 9 Carat Gold in this collection is designed and made by KJA specifically to hold ashes, a lock of hair, burial soil, dried funeral petals or sand from a special place safely inside a secure internal chamber.

Each piece is made using a generous amount of precious metals to ensure they are weighty for their size and will never dent. You will easily notice that your Ashlocks jewellery piece isn't flimsy and it will feel safe and solid for your memorial.

The KJ Australia Ashlocks®  collection of Cremation & Memorial Jewellery has been carefully developed over many years to the highest funeral and jewellery industry standards and to ensure authenticity the Ashlocks collection is only available from Keepsake Jewellery Australia and authorised distributors.

All KJA jewellery designs are branded with "KJ" insignia (together with the relevant fine metal mark) - your assurance of a genuine KJ Australia Ashlocks cremation or memorial jewellery piece.

KJA Branded Cremation Jewellery Collection
The KJ Australia Collection of Cremation and Memorial Jewellery includes:

    Every jewellery design has a very secure, carefully crafted threaded screw port or screw top, which allows you to open and fill the inside area with your memorial (ashes, hair, burial soil etc). We fit each piece with a custom neoprene 'o' ring on the closure to ensure the jewellery is as water resistant as possible.

    KJA chains are made with the same precious metals and to the same highest quality standards as we make our pendants and charms.

    To ensure that you are able to fill and care for your precious memorial jewellery KJA includes all of the following items FREE with every pendant, charm and ring:

    1. Detailed and easy-to-follow instructions for filling
    2. All accessories needed for filling - a custom micro screwdriver (if applicable), a small spoon, a micro funnel and an ashes clearing tool
    3. An microfiber polishing cloth to care for your jewellery
    4. Long term care instructions
    5. A KJ Australia Ashlocks Signature Jewellery Box
    6. A miniature Ashlocks keepsake urn to keep some ashes safely aside in case your jewellery is lost. 

    All items are carefully packed and presented in an elegantly beautiful fashion to honour a loved one.  

    Thank you for taking the time to read about KJA's Cremation & Memorial Jewellery Collection. We hope it assures you of our commitment to quality and authenticity and please contact us at any time if you have questions about our range.


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