Cremation Necklaces and Pendants for Ashes

Cremation Necklaces & Pendants

Ashlocks® Necklaces & Pendants For Ashes
Exclusively by KJA
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All of these Cremation Necklaces and Pendants have been designed to hold Ashes / Hair / Dried Funeral Petals / Burial Soil safely and discreetly inside.

Each memorial necklace and pendant opens by a screw top or small recessed screw to allow you to fill them with precious cremation ashes. They are discreet and nobody would know you are wearing this very special type of jewellery containing ashes unless you choose to share it with them.

Carry your memories close to your heart with a genuine Ashlocks® Memorial Necklace or Pendant in Silver or Gold by Keepsake Jewellery Australia.