Memorial Jewellery Australia

Memorial Jewellery Australia for Ashes & Hair
Genuine Silver, Gold Vermeil & Solid 9ct Gold ~ Sale on NOW

Memorial Necklaces, Pendants, Lockets, Bracelets, Charms and Rings all designed especially to hold ashes inside. Every Memorial Jewellery piece in this collection opens either by a screw top or by a small secure screw to place a keepsake amount of cremation ash safely inside. Memorial Pendants, Lockets, Necklaces and Charms to wear as a special and personal tribute to your loved one.

Whether you are storing, scattering or interring your loved one's cremation ashes after a significant loss, keepsake memorial jewellery will allow you to keep a portion in a specially designed memorial locket to keep with you always. Some designs are also suitable for holding hair. To see these designs click here.

Designer Memorial Jewellery Made by Keepsake Jewellery Australia. Quality, value & always FREE shipping.