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Your Memorials Are Too Precious to Compromise...

Keepsake Jewellery Australia offers Genuine Designer Cremation & Memorial Jewellery Guaranteed

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KJA is Australia's original Cremation Jeweller, established in 2008, and has designed and crafted cremation and memorial jewellery for many families nationally and around the world. Decades of professional skill and industry knowledge is behind the KJ Australia Collection and we guarantee every piece meets and exceeds industry standards.

  • We are a dedicated Cremation & Memorial Jeweller who designs and makes our own exclusive collection of jewellery for ashes or hair. We are not a reseller of poorly made replica jewellery. Every jewellery piece is handcrafted.
  • KJA chains are of the highest quality. Each is solid and soldered and has been stress tested to ensure your pendant remains secure. We will never supply jewellery on substandard chains.
  • KJA jewellery is highly water resistant and seals tightly with custom neoprene 'o' rings on every closure.
  • KJA Gold Vermeil and Gold overlays are double layered and durable. With care they won't wear off or need replating.
  • All of our Silver jewellery is solid 925 Sterling Silver.

As a cremation and memorial jeweller with unmatched expertise, please know that you are welcome to contact us for advice about anything to do with Cremation Jewellery - whether you are buying from us or not.

The 'KJ' Brand

Each of our Silver, Gold Vermeil and solid Gold jewellery pieces is branded with the "KJ" insignia (together with the fine metal mark eg '925'). This is your assurance of an authentic KJ Australia cremation jewellery piece. If you suspect that you have been sold a copy of one of our designs please contact us.

Keepsake Jewellery Australia Branded Jewellery

PLEASE BE AWARE: As Cremation and Memorial Jewellery has gained popularity in Australia there are many inferior imports in the marketplace. If you are looking to buy cremation jewellery you need to have peace of mind that your precious urn jewellery won’t break and/or rapidly deteriorate. We encourage everyone to check the ORIGIN of the jewellery from the seller prior to purchasing.

If you would like to know more about KJA and the jewellery we make please visit the About Us and About KJA Jewellery sections.

Thank you.

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