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Timeless elegance ... crafted especially to hold precious memorials

Ashlocks® by Keepsake Jewellery Australia

Ashlocks® by Keepsake Jewellery Australia ~ exclusive, high quality Cremation & Memorial Jewellery 100% Guaranteed

Keepsake Jewellery Australia Memorial Jewellery

KJA is Australia's original Cremation Jeweller, established in 2008, and has designed and crafted cremation and memorial jewellery for many families nationally and around the world. Decades of professional skill and industry knowledge is behind the KJ Australia Collection and we guarantee every piece meets and exceeds industry standards.

  • We are a dedicated Cremation & Memorial Jeweller - designing and crafting Ashlocks® an original and a truly unique collection of jewellery for ashes or hair. Every Silver and Gold jewellery piece is an exclusive Keepsake Jewellery Australia design.  
  • KJA chains are of the highest quality. Each chain has solid and soldered links and has been stress tested to ensure your pendant remains secure. KJA chains are of the same precious metal quality as the pendants.
  • KJ Australia jewellery is highly water resistant and seals tightly with custom neoprene 'o' rings on every closure.
  • All Gold Vermeil has a triple layer of 14ct Gold over solid Sterling Silver (3 microns thick). It actually exceeds the minimum standard of 2.5 microns for genuine Gold Vermeil jewellery. Regular gold plate is 0.5 microns or less.
  • All Silver jewellery is genuine solid 925 Sterling Silver.

As a cremation and memorial jeweller with unmatched expertise, please know that you are welcome to contact us for advice about anything to do with Cremation Jewellery - whether you are buying from us or not.

Ashlocks® by Keepsake Jewellery Australia

Each of our Silver, Gold Vermeil and solid Gold jewellery pieces is branded with the "KJ" insignia (together with the fine metal mark eg '925'). This is your assurance of an authentic KJ Australia cremation jewellery piece. Placing precious ashes into jewellery warrants quality materials and excellent craftsmanship and we assure you of both. If you suspect that you have been sold a copy of one of our designs please contact us.


Memorial Jewellery by Keepsake Jewellery Australia

Genuine KJA Ashlocks Memorial Jewellery is 100% Quality Guaranteed for your peace of mind.

If you would like to know more about KJA and the jewellery we make please visit the About Us and About KJA Jewellery sections.

Thank you.

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